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STAR TEXTILE PROCESSING INDUSTRIES is a renowned pioneer in catering to textile market of Sri Lanka since 1986. We at Star textile strive towards development of Textile manufacturing and supply. High Quality outputs, Customer satisfaction and bled of technology are the key ingredients of Star Textile. We take the utmost responsibility of every single piece of fabric which leaves our premises.

We highly believe innovation blended with customer expectation is what enables us to create value to our customer keeping as the choice when it comes to knitted and woven fabric. The biggest strength behind the success and recognition of Star textile is indeed the committed workforce we have with us. Skilled employees make every inch of exceed quality. We make sure the employees are provided a safe working environment enabling them to perform their tasks in a safe and effective manner. Proper trainings and development are the building blocks of our skilled labour. Creativity and innovation are always welcomed in Star Textile without any barrier to express. This makes us reach greater heights as each and every employee on the floor takes up the ownership and feel belonged to Star Textiles.

In our journey towards our vision we also strive towards striking a balance on Corporate Social responsibility. Even a small step within our premises takes us towards the betterment of the society and country we owe to. We at Star Textile make sure, we being responsible corporates contribute and protect the future of our country. We make this possible through the eco-friendly initiatives in the process as well us by engaging in support projects to the society whenever in need.

Product Development

Meeting customer expectation and exceeding them is one of our drives which keep us going. With utmost joy, we are always ready for new developments and value additions which make your order worthy. The highly skilled team makes it possible to craft the fabric fulfilling the desires.

Design & Creativity

Bringing dreams to reality – bringing shape to them is always the enjoyable part of our business! Not everyone is the same-and definitely not their fabrics are. We make sure, we add a magical blend of design and creativuty to each and every product that leave for production. This enabled us to win thousands of customers hearts who always looked for unique and quality material.

Innovative Solutions

What makes us unique is the blend of innovativeness blended in our products-the products are made with heart and soul adding extra touch through our highly sophisticated process.

Eco Friendly Approach

StarTextile simply Walk the talk! We provide the confident to the customers by following a highly eco friendly approach throughout our process.

We make sure, the quality is not met at the cost of environemet.

From the raw materials to the point of disposal every step is carefully crafted making sure the environment is not hampered.